"What the hell do you do all day?"

"What the hell do you do all day?"

Postby barry » Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:58 pm

Now that me and working for a living aren't in the cards, I hear this a lot.
“What the hell do you do all day?” Generally the answer is “Goof around.”
And one can only wash the kitchen floor so many times a week. :)

Those big wind turbines you see along the 401 fascinate me. I think there might be
enough junk collecting dust around here to make one. Sort of..... Let's call it proof
of concept.

So what do you need? Some means of storing power – batteries will do that. Some means
of turning DC voltage into AC – an old UPS taken from the dump on Central.

Some means of making DC voltage – a scavenged permanent magnet motor – AKA the alternator in
your car.

I put that motor in an old snowblower with a crap gas engine. Used it once in the last 3
years. Worked rather well too. :-BD And yes, I'm a bad welder.....

Then some blades to spin it, like on the ceiling fan in one of the bedrooms.

Looks pretty damn stupid, don't it? Laugh all you want, I still am! =))

The blades need to spin stupidly fast with them just plunked on the motor to give the needed
juice to charge the batteries. This complicates matters. So I came up with a pulley of sorts.
One spin of the blades = 3 spins on the motor. This arrangement is possible but a bit much.

What I really need are solar panels and a way to get some for next to nothing. The long term
goal is to run the fridge for close to free. So if the lighting in your garden disappears,
consider it your contribution to science. :roll:
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